NETOIL SA own a contemporary factory for production of bitumen emulsion and bitumen derivatives.
The production ability is 10.000 tons per year. In the laboratory (equiped with high tech instruments) take place chemical analysis and tests not only for the raw materials but also for the final product.
That is why we can offer guarantee for our production as well as for our products.


Our aim is: "the best possible service for our customers" which it is achieved with specialization and experience (30 years) of our personnel. We are the only company that tests (in our contemporary laboratory) not only the products of our production but also the ones that we trade (and have been made by other companies). That way we ensure the quality and the compliance to the specifications.
We have a continuous informing and advising by specialists (consultants) about both the production and the market.
Beside to the owned special vehicles we also have more mechanical equipment (bitumen tanks) for the best service of our customers.